date posted: 09-12-2016

At Sterling we hold a number of different accreditations from reputable organisations which demonstrate our commitment to compliance and professionalism.  

One of our accreditations is the Professional Passport. Professional Passport is an independent membership organisation, established more than a decade ago they have built a reputation for supporting the flexible workers market in the UK.  

Professional Passport are committed to compliance within the industry, they provide their members with clear and practical guidance on relevant issues including best practice and changes to legislation which could impact on the sector. They are the largest independent assessor of provider compliance and are widely recognised as experts in this area, they offer support to workers and recruitment agencies.      

At Sterling we are a Professional Passport approved provider and we hold accreditation with them for our umbrella, accountancy and CIS services. To achieve this we were subject to a comprehensive review of all our procedures and processes to ensure they comply with all relevant HMRC legislation.   

For contractors who are looking for a reliable, professional and compliant provider then Professional Passport is a good place to start. Contractors and freelancers can rest assured that any provider awarded the Professional Passport stamp has been audited by an unbiased, independent body and that they don’t receive any commission for referrals to their accredited members.

For our recruitment partners it also provides the added reassurance that our Professional Passport accredited services are backed and guaranteed by a £5,000,000 insurance policy against MSC debt transfer.  

At Sterling we have always been committed to compliance and pride ourselves on our knowledge, professional approach and our high customer service standards. Our association with Professional Passport doesn’t change the way we work but it does offer those considering using our services the assurance that we have been independently reviewed and meet the highest of standards.  

Professional Passport is just one of our memberships; find out more about our other awards and accreditations here.


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