date posted: 21-11-2016

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At Sterling we are one of the longest standing payment intermediary companies operating in the UK. Over the years we have worked with numerous recruitment agencies and contractors across the country and built a strong reputation for compliance, trust and transparency.

Our time working in the sector means we have seen numerous changes to legislation and been part of the ongoing growth of the flexible worker market in the UK.

As the market has grown and legislation has become more onerous the role of payment intermediaries and umbrella companies has become increasingly important and it has been crucial for the industry to have a strong and professional voice. PRISM is a not for profit professional trade association. The association was set up to provide a platform to highlight and promote the important role the sector plays in supporting the flexible workers market.  

Our membership of PRISM is just one of the ways in which Sterling participates in the ongoing development of the sector. The trade association is made up of industry members and gives our sector a voice. By working together with other compliant organisations we can work to raise standards in the industry and to make our voice heard.  

PRISM acts as a crucial link between the Government and the industry, actively participating in discussion and debate on legislation, regulation and Government initiatives.

Trade associations can play a vital role in driving growth and supporting professionalism within the sector. All members sign up to the PRISM Code of Ethics which includes a commitment to complying with all relevant legislation and at all times adopting and promoting recognised best practices across the sector as well as improving the performance and reputation    of the sector .      

At Sterling we are committed to supporting all our clients and the industry as a whole; our membership of PRISM is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to the sector.   


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