date posted: 14-09-2017

We are very proud of the benefits we provide for contractors using our services. Our rewards package has proved to be extremely successful amongst contractors, and we want to continue to offer benefits that make a positive impact on both their working and personal life. Therefore, we have recently introduced our contractors to their very own Medicash healthcare plan.  We have secured a discounted rate especially for Sterling contractors and the plan allows contractors to receive excellent everyday healthcare benefits at a fraction of the cost of other healthcare plans.


We chose Medicash as our cash plan provider due to their excellent reputation as one of the UK’s largest and oldest providers of healthcare cash plans. We understand the impact that illness or injury can have on any individual, but particularly for contractors who are reliant on consistent work, medical issues can severely impact their income.


By having this added benefit, our contractors will be able to ensure they receive the medical care they need promptly and without the worry of exorbitant costs associated with medical treatment. This will subsequently reduce the impact that illness or injury may have on their livelihood.


Following treatment, in which a contractor has had to contribute financially, making a claim through Medicash is an extremely straightforward process. They simply need to fill in their claim form and send it, along with any relevant receipts, to Medicash and their claim will be paid directly into their bank account.


Want to get your hands on these amazing benefits from Sterling? Get in touch with Medicash today to find out more and to sign up to our service. 

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