date posted: 26-03-2014


It's an exciting time at Sterling as we approach 15 years of trading this April. We're proud that providing the highest levels of service and compliance has led us to become established as one of the UK's leading contractor organisations. We'll continue to adapt to changing legislation and conditions and work with you to ensure we provide the best service for years to come.  

We work across many industry sectors including Accounting & Finance, Construction & Property, Education, Energy, Oil & Gas, Driving, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Mechanical & Electrical and Rail. We are always looking to offer our services to new sectors, so if you start a new assignment please inform our friendly Customer Liaison team.




If you need to get in touch with us over the Easter period our opening hours are as follows:

Wednesday 16th April

8am – 7pm

Thursday 17th April

8am – 5pm

Good Friday (18th April)


Easter Monday (21st April)


Tuesday 22nd April

8am – 7pm

Don’t forget if you are taking time off work over the Easter holiday period and are with Sterling Umbrella then please request your holiday pay in advance. It is also beneficial to take this holiday pay when you are actually not working, as you will have the additional financial benefit of using that week’s free pay allowance of income tax and national insurance.



We’ve made some changes to our Sterling Umbrella expense claim form. Please make sure you discard any old forms and take note of the below changes to avoid any delays in processing your claims:

From and to dates
All expense forms need to state the full period of time all the claims listed on the form cover fall into.   
Type of vehicle
You must state what type of vehicle your mileage claims are for i.e. car/van.

Start and end postcodes
For all mileage claims to be processed you must state the postcodes for the start point and end point of your journey i.e. your home postcode and the postcode of the site where you are working. Please note we will be using up to date route finding software to verify your miles and will only authorise the miles recorded on this software.

Car parking receipts
As parking receipts are widely available at the majority of parking facilities these are required to validate your claim.

Why have these changes been made?
We pride ourselves on providing our contractors with high levels of service and as part of that service we make sure that we keep up to date with the requirements of HMRC. This means at times we must adapt the services we provide to ensure we continue to offer a compliant service.
Click here to view a copy of the new Sterling Umbrella Expense claim form





What do you do at Sterling?
I work in the banking department, so my main role is to send out all the contractor payments, record any new funds that come in and liaise with our bank to make sure things run smoothly. I also help the payroll department with processing invoices.

What is a typical day like?
Each day in the banking department is slightly different but every morning my first task is to key in the Umbrella employees expenses. We work hard to do this as quickly as possible to make sure daily payments for all employees can be processed.

I work with payroll to import invoice lists into our system to consolidate them and auto-invoice agencies to save time.

We work with an increasing amount of contractors with international bank accounts so I also spend time setting up new payment templates for each of these.   

What’s the best thing about working at Sterling?

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Due to recently taking on extra work, I have been given our employee of the quarter and the star awards, which I think are good for morale.

I also like the people who I work with, and have a good relationship with my manager and director, which makes things a lot easier if I need to approach them about anything. I also think that Sterling is a great company to work for, who try their best to encourage staff on providing an excellent quality service.

We do care about our contractors and agencies, so we try our best to live up to our slogan “Quality where it matters”.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I am very close to my family so I see my sister, mum and nieces a lot, and although I am engaged I still make time to have nights/days with my friends. I am also getting married in a few months so I am doing a lot of preparation for that with my lovely fiancé, who I spend most of my time with. I also try to do 3 – 4 classes at the gym a week.




Did you know that in April Sterling will have been trading for 15 years? That means that Sterling are one of the most established contractor organisations in the UK.

We’re proud that providing the highest levels of service and compliance has led us to become established as one of the UK’s leading contractor organisations. We’ll continue to adapt to changing legislation and conditions and work with you to ensure we provide the best service for years to come.  

Part of ensuring we provide you with a high level of service is through listening to what you have to say, finding out what your expectations are and what we can do to enhance the services we provide. To demonstrate this we recently conducted a survey with an iPad giveaway competition to show our appreciation of the feedback received. This survey has given us some good ideas in improving our service. It also showed that 99% of contractors are happy with the service Sterling provides.

Keep your eye out for upcoming surveys and giveaways over the summer months to be in with a chance of grabbing a prize and to tell us what you would like from us in the future.  



Don’t forget that any remaining unclaimed holiday pay for Sterling Umbrella employees will be processed into your bank account on 4th April. All monies must be paid out by the end of the financial year and cannot be carried over into the new financial year.


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