date posted: 14-11-2016

As one of the UK’s top umbrella companies we work with a multitude of freelancers across many industries. It is vital for Sterling to have an in-depth understanding of the changing landscape of the freelancer economy and job market.

Many of those who use our freelance umbrella employment services will be familiar with websites like Fiver and Freelancer, which can be effective tools for freelancers and contractors who are searching for projects.

LinkedIn has been the go to social media platform for business connections and particularly useful for recruiters and job seekers. Now LinkedIn is getting in on the freelancer action by developing its own freelancer market place.

Since 2008 we have seen a 36% rise in the number of freelancers and younger generations are especially drawn to the flexibility that the freelance lifestyle offers.

LinkedIn is giving businesses the opportunity to easily find the most qualified freelancers in their area and freelancers the opportunity to discover new contracts via their social media platform. Profinder is currently only available in the USA but is expanding all the time with clear plans to go global.


LinkedIn launched Profinder only last year but has been rapidly expanding its reach across the US and now has over 50,000 registered freelancers signed up to the service.


What makes Profinder special?


As there are already many sites which specialise in helping freelancers find work, many have asked why LinkedIn has bothered to develop Profinder but it is actually a highly savvy business venture. Although it at first does not appear to be a gap in the market, LinkedIn is taking freelance marketplaces to a new level. Almost all of us will have heard of LinkedIn and far more businesses will be using LinkedIn personally than on Fiver or Freelancer.

Business owners of all varieties, including those who have not needed to look for freelance services previously will be familiar with LinkedIn. Profinder also promises a fast turnaround on projects with most being fulfilled in 24 hours. The service matches projects with at least two qualified freelancers and freelancers have also found many big advantages, including reliable, speedy payment. The nature of your business profile being public to potential contacts has been cited as a potential reason for the highly reliable service and pay.

Freelancers currently get 9 projects free but then must subscribe for $60 per month.

This is an exciting opportunity for freelancers and those seeking freelancer services. We look forward to LinkedIn Profinder being rolled out in the UK.



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