date posted: 05-03-2014

Your CV is your foot in the door. Check out our advice to sharpen up your key selling tool and secure those contracts.


1) Make an impact
Employers can get hundreds of CVs for one job, yours needs to stand out and make it easy for the employer to see why you’re right for the position. Starting your CV with a short personal statement is the best way to do this. This just needs to be a couple of paragraphs outlining your relevant experience.    


2) Key roles and experience
Focus on your skills and achievements. If you’ve worked on lots of contracts generally speaking clients are more interested in your experience than the details of where you have worked. If you’ve worked for particularly impressive or well-known clients make sure these are properly highlighted as well as focusing on those that you’ve done repeat contracts for.   


3) Cut the waffle
There’s no need to go into lots of details about your academic achievements and irrelevant past jobs. List your degree, A-Levels, GCSE’s and probably most importantly any relevant technical or vocational qualifications but anything else isn’t necessary.


4) First impressions count
Sloppy errors in a CV really do put employers off. It sounds obvious but check it for spelling mistakes and better still get someone else to read over it for you. Stick with a common font that’s clear and easy to read, like Arial or Helvetica.


5) Social media
If you don’t already use social media to share your CV and look for jobs, you should. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for contractors to have a permanent CV online and network with past and present contacts. It doesn’t replace the traditional CV, but it does allow potential clients and agents to find prospective contractors in seconds and is a great shop window for your skills. Following recruitment agencies on Facebook and Twitter is also a really good way to hear about opportunities first as most agencies post their new jobs on their social media pages.

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