date posted: 20-03-2017

Whatever your career choice being happy in your work is something we all strive for. Of course, work related happiness means different things to different people. For some, it might be pay, responsibility and career progression, for others it could be a positive atmosphere at work, a supportive boss or colleagues that are great to work with. 




A recent report from business advisors McKinsey& Company revealed that 97% of independent workers are happier than those in traditional employment.* The report looked at working trends across the US and the EU.    


That is a staggering figure so what is it that makes those working for themselves so much happier? At Sterling, we work with thousands of contractors and freelancers and the report doesn’t come as a surprise to us. 


Some of the individuals who use our services have made a conscious decision that they would prefer not to work in permanent employment, others have fallen into contracting some out of necessity and others because an opportunity presented itself. One thing we have come to realise is that whatever the initial reasons for the move to contracting most individuals don’t go back to more traditional employment. Even those who start contracting as a short term solution to a gap in employment usually find that they prefer the benefits of working as a contractor. Returning to work for someone else can be difficult after the autonomy and flexibility of contracting for a while.


Flexibility, choice and the opportunity to earn more are just some of the reasons people choose to contract. Being your own boss can be a big draw and contractors often find that they learn more too. Working on different assignments can offer the chance to take on new challenges and if you are working for yourself there might be more incentive to keep up to date with changes and new processes, techniques or technologies.  


We all spend such a large proportion of our lives working so if you can find an approach that works for you, it will make all the difference. If you are currently considering making the move from employment to contracting then it is important to think about what makes you happy in work. For those who like the idea of choosing assignments, the flexibility and earning power of contracting but are worried about managing accounts and taxes etc, an umbrella service like Sterling’s can provide the perfect solution. Registering on our umbrella scheme offers many of the benefits of employment combined with the flexibility and job satisfaction of contracting.  



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