date posted: 06-03-2014

If you’re new to the world of contracting or still considering whether it’s the right career move, here are some of the benefits of being a contractor:

1) Financial gains
Often contractors are paid significantly more than permanent roles in the same field due to the need for their skills and the flexibility they offer. Contracting often has the benefit of weekly rather than monthly payments giving you better access to your earnings.

2) Flexibility
As a contractor you’re essentially your own boss and you have the freedom to work when you choose to. Contractors are able to benefit from extended holidays as well as the flexibility of not having to fit in with colleague’s holidays.

3) Variety
The work you take on as a contractor is often project based and for a set period of time so you gain experience on a wide variety of projects and get to work with lots of different people and organisations. This is great for your development and your CV.

4) Responsibility
It can be daunting at first but having greater control of how, when and where you work can transform your career and your work/life balance. It means you can choose how you’re employed, either as a limited company, directly with an agency or through an umbrella company.
Umbrella companies can be a great way to enjoy the advantages of contracting whilst keeping the benefits of being an employee. Sterling Umbrella enables contractors to claim back expenses, holiday and sick pay and enjoy the support of human resources and health and safety departments.

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If you’d rather keep self-employed status Sterling Techserv enables freelancers to maximise income whilst increasing contracting opportunities.

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Sterling CIS could be the route for you if you’re in the construction industry. Self-employed sub-contractors can benefit from reduced payment terms, access to contracting opportunities, tax assistance and public liability and accident cover.

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