date posted: 26-11-2015

You will most likely be aware that the government is cracking down on uncompliant Umbrella providers. Some have been forced to cease trading and many more are likely to come under scrutiny before next April.


As a Recruiter, it is imperative that you make sure you source and work with a compliant provider; not only for the protection of your temps but also for the protection of your agency. By using a compliant provider like Sterling Umbrella, you can ensure that your agency will not be at risk.

 There are many ways to identify a compliant provider. One of the easiest things to look out for are the accreditations that are held by the Umbrella Company.

Just how important are accreditations?
Accreditations give you the security of knowing that your provider has had to undergo an official verification process by a governing body to ensure they are acting compliantly and have been successfully approved. Amongst many things, some of the more common areas which are assessed include the expense claiming process, employee contracts and ETW (Eligibility to work) checks. All of these compliance checks are done to ensure the protection of both the contractor and agency.

Sterling Umbrella is proud to be backed by a number of prestigious accreditations such as Professional Passport. We are also a fully accredited member of PRISM, APSCo Affiliate member, and an affiliate member of FCSA. We welcome HMRC audits and hold full dispensation for our expenses for added reassurance.

Importance of ETW checks

ETW checks are crucial to ensure that all workers have the legal right to work in the UK. These checks safeguard both you the agency and also the end client. Sterling Umbrella will ensure that all our workers have the legal right to work in the UK.


To protect yourself, make sure you use a compliant provider that is backed by industry accreditations such as Sterling Umbrella, and don’t be drawn in by offers that seem too good to be true, as most likely they will be.

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