date posted: 30-07-2015

At Sterling you receive a comprehensive level of insurance as standard, including Personal Accident Insurance.


This covers you for any work place accidents wherever you are in the world, with the exclusions of USA/Canada and war torn countries.


Here is a brief summary of your Personal Accident Insurance cover:


•    Covers work place accidents only
•    Death due to an accident £100,000
•    Permanent and total loss of one or more limbs £20,000
•    Permanent and total loss of one or both eyes £20,000
•    Permanent and total disability from usual occupation £20,000
•    Weekly benefit of up to £200 (payable for up to 52 weeks) for Temporary Total Disablement from usual occupation
•    Hospitalisation benefit - £50 per day up to a maximum of 52 weeks
•    Funeral benefit - up to £10,000 for funeral expenses


From time to time (but particularly at renewal) the cover, terms and conditions might change. Updated details will always be posted on our website for your reference, but will not automatically be sent to you so it’s best to check back every now and again.

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