date posted: 22-02-2017

For IT freelancers, contractors and professionals with IT skills, the future looks incredibly bright. Individuals with experience in a range of IT specialisms are going to find their skills are in extremely high demand.


The cyber security skills shortage in the UK is just one example. There is widespread concern amongst businesses and non–commercial organisations about cyber security and the pool of individuals with knowledge and demonstrable experience in this area is simply not big enough.  Businesses are starting to realise just how vulnerable they are to cyber crime. 


High profile cases of hacking and breaches of customer’s data security have made organisations of all shapes and sizes start to consider how they would cope in the unfortunate event of a cyber attack on their business. This is leading to higher demand for experts in the field as managers and business owners realise they need to take the threat seriously.


Cyber security experts across the UK and further afield will already be finding that they can be selective when looking for new roles. Whether they are searching for permanent job opportunities or looking for contracts as an IT freelancer there will be plenty of opportunities to choose from.  Individuals with relevant experience are in a position where they could potentially have a choice of contracts and are in strong position to negotiate over rates. Something people in other sectors can only dream of!


The other issue which leads to natural skills shortages is the speed of change and innovation in the digital and IT sectors. The pace of development means that demand for new skills often outstrips supply, training and education. This means there could be even greater opportunities for IT freelancers and contractors who keep up-to-date and are prepared to invest time and effort in training and relevant accreditation. 


Other IT specialisms which are experiencing skills shortages include big data and coding as well as project management.


The current climate is great news for IT freelancers and those looking for new permanent or temporary IT roles. The skills shortages aren’t confined to the UK either so for those who like the idea of contracting overseas now might be the time! 


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