date posted: 17-05-2018
It was an eventful weekend for the Sterling team, as we took part in Playfest 2018 in Tatton Park. The event, hosted by Active Cheshire, took place on Saturday 12th May and saw businesses, families and organisations from across the North West take part in a number of challenges throughout the day.
date posted: 26-04-2018
As we enter the 2018/19 financial year, changes to National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage have come into force that will positively impact contractors on lower hourly rates.
date posted: 05-04-2018
Contractors within Sterling’s Umbrella scheme will soon see some changes in their pension contributions, as they are set to rise from 6th April 2018.
date posted: 29-03-2018
date posted: 01-03-2018
May 25th 2018 will bring with it a brand new era of data protection for businesses across Europe, as the General Data Protection Regulations come into force.
date posted: 21-02-2018
Making the jump from permanent employment to contracting can be a daunting prospect. To ensure that the contracting profession works for you it is essential that you are fully aware of all aspects of contracting and how these should be taken into account as you begin your contracting journey.
date posted: 12-02-2018
At Sterling we pride ourselves on offering a service which is built on compliance. It is the focus of everything we do and is our first priority when providing services to our recruitment agency partners and to our contractors.
date posted: 08-02-2018
While the UK employment market has shown remarkable improvement and mortgages have reached their peak since the 2008 financial crisis, lending criteria can be behind the times. To help you access the mortgage you need, we’ve put together a list of 10 top tips for contractors:
date posted: 18-01-2018
To keep up to date with the latest news regarding Carillion PLC, we recommend you keep checking back at the following website
date posted: 11-01-2018
With 2017 now complete we have reflected on what the year held for contractors in the UK , and now we are looking ahead at what 2018 may mean for the contracting industry.
date posted: 05-01-2018
For the UK, 2017 was a year of significant change and, for many, uncertainty. Here we take a look back over just some of the changes that 2017 held for contractors.
date posted: 19-12-2017
Merry Christmas from all at Sterling. If you need to get in touch with us over the Christmas period, our opening hours are as follows:
date posted: 23-11-2017
Following his last Budget, the Chancellor had his work cut out if he wanted to please the contractors, the self-employed and small businesses. So how did he get on?
date posted: 12-10-2017
Due to the proposed postal strike by Royal Mail staff due to take place next week from Thursday 19th October, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our contractors to make sure any documents you may need to post are sent to us prior to this date, and to allow a little extra time.
date posted: 09-10-2017
Working as a contractor in the construction sector can be a rewarding career. There are significant skills shortages in the UK in this sector which means for skilled, conscientious workers there are lots of opportunities.
date posted: 27-09-2017
Everyone should plan and budget for their retirement. All the advice says that the earlier we start planning the better. For individuals in standard, permanent employment a work based pension is an easy and straightforward way to start preparing. For those who are not in traditional employment pension planning is often something which gets put off.
date posted: 21-09-2017
From 30th September 2017, new rules will be introduced that will aim to prosecute corporations involved in the facilitation of tax evasion and/or employees providing recommendations for suppliers under the expectation that tax will not be paid at the correct rate.
date posted: 14-09-2017
We are very proud of the benefits we provide for contractors using our services. Therefore, we have recently introduced our contractors to their very own Medicash healthcare plan.
date posted: 09-08-2017
It was announced on 26th June 2017 that EU citizens living in Britain, post-Brexit will be given the opportunity to achieve settled status. How will this affect contractors and agencies?
date posted: 08-08-2017
The team here at Sterling is committed to ensuring that all of our contractors receive a quality and compliant service, for any and all of the Sterling routes that they choose; no matter their circumstance we will have the ideal route to suit the needs of a contractor.
date posted: 07-08-2017
Everyone needs a holiday or time off every now and again. Depending on assignments and the type of work you do organising time off can take some planning but it is worth thinking about it and planning ahead to ensure you can take time off when you want to.
date posted: 27-07-2017
The General Election on the 8th June resulted in a hung parliament, and since then we have seen the Conservative Party forming a minority government with the Democratic Unionist Party. So, what does the election result mean for contractors?
date posted: 25-07-2017
One of the challenges of working for yourself, whether you are a freelancer or run your own ltd company, is always how to achieve that perfect work life balance. We all need time off but when you are self-employed it can be difficult to find the time to take a proper break or holiday.
date posted: 20-07-2017
With the weather reaching soaring temperatures in June, we can confidently say that Summer is officially here, and with that it is time to make plans for the coming months.
date posted: 17-07-2017
In May we welcomed Russell Upton to our team as our New Business Director. Russell has joined us with a tremendous amount of experience in business development, managing customer relationships and negotiating.
date posted: 07-07-2017
The rail industry is a popular sector for contractors. This is hardly surprising when you think about the scope of the rail industry in the UK. The UK rail network includes more than 2,500 stations and more than 40,000 bridges and tunnels.
date posted: 09-06-2017
Sterling is an accredited member of PRISM, a membership organisation set up to provide a platform to highlight and promote the important role that professional payment intermediary companies such as umbrella and payroll companies play in supporting the UK's flexible workforce.
date posted: 08-06-2017
For IT contractors, ensuring that you possess the most in demand skills is essential to guaranteeing that you keep up with the demands of an ever-changing industry. Knowing which skills are required can be a guessing game as technology advances so often.
date posted: 05-06-2017
Back in April 2017 the apprenticeship levy came into force. The new levy was introduced by the government to change the way apprenticeships are funded in the UK and to encourage employers to embrace apprenticeships schemes and offer more apprenticeships to young people.
date posted: 25-05-2017
When it comes to finding a mortgage provider, contractors can often struggle to find their ideal solution due to the numerous roadblocks that simply having a career as a contractor can pose.
date posted: 23-05-2017
Here at Sterling we are committed to ensuring compliance in all aspects of our service. One of the ways in which we demonstrate our compliance to our recruitment agency partners and contractors registered with us is through our associate membership of the FCSA
date posted: 18-05-2017
Just when we thought the dust had settled following the triggering of Article 50 the Prime Minister announces there will be a general election this spring. The election will no doubt dominate the press for the next few months but for contractors the big question is what impact might the Brexit negotiations have on them.
date posted: 11-05-2017
Whilst there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides for both short and long term contracts, is there a contract type that can be deemed better than the other?
date posted: 26-04-2017
This month is the month that a number of changes will come into effect. The start of the new tax year often brings changes and this year is certainly no exception. Here is a quick roundup of the changes which could have an impact on our partner agencies and our contractors.
date posted: 24-04-2017
The estimated cost of HS2 is £56 billion and work on the high-speed railway, which will join the capital with cities in the midlands and the north, is expected to run right through until 2033. The project represents the largest transport infrastructure investment in the UK for a generation.
date posted: 03-04-2017
We are one of the longest established contractor organisations in the country and our approach to business has meant that we have built the trust over the years of our recruitment agency partners and our contractors. Discover the benefits of registering with Sterling.
date posted: 22-03-2017
Towards the end of last year, we published a news article about the changes to IR35 for public sector workers. With the changes now less than a month away we thought it would be a good time to remind those who could be affected. The new legislation applies from 06th April 2017.
date posted: 20-03-2017
We all spend such a large proportion of our lives working so if you can find an approach that works for you, it will make all the difference. If you are currently considering making the move from employment to contracting then it is important to think about what makes you happy in work.
date posted: 17-03-2017
The conservative government have done a complete u-turn on the National Insurance increase for the self-employed which was announced in the Spring budget.
date posted: 10-03-2017
As a busy growing business we recruit for staff in a wide range of roles and at all levels within the business. One approach to recruitment which we believe in wholeheartedly at Sterling is apprenticeship schemes.
date posted: 10-03-2017
The Spring budget didn't really offer any big surprises but many contractors will no doubt be feeling disgruntled about what Phillip Hammond had to say in this latest budget.
date posted: 06-03-2017
At Sterling, we pride ourselves on the exemplary service we offer our umbrella contractors, those on CIS scheme, limited companies and agency clients.
date posted: 28-02-2017
The National Living Wage (NLW) is due to increase in April and will see many workers benefit from a boost in their take-home pay.
date posted: 24-02-2017
The freelancing and contracting communities are growing and a rising number of millennials are embracing contracting as it offers them a flexible approach to working, earning and managing their time.
date posted: 22-02-2017
For IT freelancers, contractors and professionals with IT skills, the future looks incredibly bright. Individuals with experience in a range of IT specialisms are going to find their skills are in extremely high demand.
date posted: 16-02-2017
Limited company registrations have been increasing steadily in the UK over the last few years. Find out why it might be time you considered going limited too.
date posted: 03-02-2017
The recruitment sector in the UK has been growing steadily. In fact last year saw the highest number of new recruitment businesses opening their doors.
date posted: 12-01-2017
When is the right time to change umbrella companies? When do you have to change umbrella companies? When should you stay with your umbrella company? What pitfalls can you expect when moving umbrella companies? Discover all the answers in our latest guide.........
date posted: 05-01-2017
Securing a mortgage can offer unique challenges for contractors so we have compiled some useful advice.....
date posted: 23-12-2016
Changes are coming from April 2017..........
date posted: 21-12-2016
These will be our opening times during the Christmas period
date posted: 21-12-2016
With so much changing in the UK this year, including Brexit, what does the future hold for contractors?.........
date posted: 15-12-2016
When you are new to contracting, writing a great CV for the first time can be daunting but Sterling's guide to writing the ultimate contractor's CV will point you in the right direction.......
date posted: 09-12-2016
At Sterling we hold a number of different accreditations from reputable organisations which demonstrate our commitment to compliance and professionalism. .....
date posted: 02-12-2016
In October Prime Minister Theresa May announced a review of employment practices....
date posted: 29-11-2016
Will you be affected by the changes to tax dividends?...........
date posted: 25-11-2016
Find out how you can save money and enhance your take home pay with Sterling Rewards......
date posted: 25-11-2016
Take a look at some of the most important features from the Autumn Statement.....
date posted: 21-11-2016
Sterling are proud to be members of PRISM.......
date posted: 14-11-2016
LinkedIn Profinder could be a game changer for freelancers looking for work....
date posted: 03-11-2016
Has Brexit impacted on the world of contracting?....
date posted: 05-07-2016
We have listened to you...
date posted: 30-03-2016
From April 2016 the government is introducing the new mandatory National Living Wage which will replace the National Minimum Wage for all workers over 25. The new rate will be £7.20 per hour.
date posted: 21-03-2016
Happy Easter from Sterling
date posted: 17-03-2016
Key Points from the Budget
date posted: 02-03-2016
In December 2015 the government published draft legislation regarding potential changes to travel and subsistence expense claims. The final legislation is not due to be published until 16th March 2016 and the proposed changes will come into effect on 06th April 2016.
date posted: 24-02-2016
Are you a self-employed contractor with a PSC? Does your accountant know the contracting market as well as we do?
date posted: 17-12-2015
Draft legislation has confirmed that there will be a restriction of travel and subsistence expenses for contractors employed by umbrella companies who are deemed subject to (or the right of) supervision, direction and control, as to the manner in which they carry out the work. Contractors working through PSC's will not be subject to the restriction as long as they are outside of IR35...
date posted: 17-12-2015
Merry Christmas from all at Sterling. If you need to get in touch with us over the Christmas period, our opening hours are as follows:
date posted: 09-12-2015
Today HMRC have released draft legislation that confirms restrictions to travel and subsistence will come into force on 06 April 2016. We will provide a full update over the next few days.
date posted: 26-11-2015
The Summer Budget suggested that there was going to be some significant changes to the contracting industry in relation to restricting contractors claiming tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses when working through an intermediary company such as an Umbrella Company or Personal Service Company.
date posted: 26-11-2015
You will most likely be aware that the government is cracking down on uncompliant Umbrella providers. Some have been forced to cease trading and many more are likely to come under scrutiny before next April. As a Recruiter, it is imperative that you make sure you source
date posted: 22-10-2015
HMRC have amended the mileage rates as of September 2015. The updated rates are detailed below.
date posted: 19-10-2015
Find out about Andy and what he does here at Sterling...
date posted: 07-09-2015
Sterling are on the executive committee for PRISM and we invite you to these not to be missed events in both London and Manchester, giving you the opportunity to hear directly from the HMRC lead policy advisers on both the Travel and Subsistence Consultation and the current IR35 discussion document.
date posted: 17-08-2015
We are among the winners in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2015! The Gold Medal (7 consecutive Golds) award has been received in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
date posted: 12-08-2015
Find out about Agnieszka and what she does here at Sterling...
date posted: 30-07-2015
At Sterling you receive a comprehensive level of insurance as standard, including Personal Accident Insurance. This covers you for any work place accidents wherever you are in the world, with the exclusions of USA/Canada and war torn countries. Here is a brief summary of your Personal Accident Insurance cover:
date posted: 23-07-2015
We would like to say a warm welcome to our two new apprentices
date posted: 20-07-2015
If you are thinking of operating a Limited company for the first time or you are already trading, Sterling Professional can provide a tailored level of accountancy support.
date posted: 20-07-2015
Don't forget if you are with Sterling Umbrella, we need to receive your expense claims 48 hours prior to your payment being processed.
date posted: 13-07-2015
Find out about Ashleigh and what she does here at Sterling...
date posted: 09-07-2015
Yesterday we saw George Osbourne deliver the Conservative summer budget. Some of the points that were raised could have an effect on the temporary labour market. Below are some of the relevant measures that were highlighted;
date posted: 09-07-2015
A big well done goes to Sales Director, Lorraine Molyneux who took part in Cancer Research UK's Race for Life 2015 on Sunday 14th June at Haigh Hall. Lorraine completed the 5k Race for Life in just 39 minutes! Lorraine said...
date posted: 09-07-2015
Don't forget the more business related expenses you submit, the more you can increase your take home pay.
date posted: 10-06-2015
As of 1st June 2015, HMRC have amended mileage rates, which are as follows. The old rates can however be used until the end of June.
date posted: 21-05-2015
Another Bank holiday is almost upon us... Hopefully the sun will shine for you all. And, just a reminder that our offices will be closed on Monday 25th May, normal opening hours will resume at 8am Tuesday 26th May.
date posted: 12-05-2015
We are now on WhatsApp so if you need to send something to us or you just have a query, here is another option in how to contact us.
date posted: 11-05-2015
Has your Umbrella provider received a HMRC audit in the last twelve months and had their dispensation renewed? Sterling Umbrella meets all HMRC requirements and has had a full PAYE and expense audit completed within the last month and we have had our dispensation renewed to include expenses claimed by our employees.
date posted: 08-04-2015
Check out our handy guide which highlights the new PAYE and self-employed rates and thresholds for 2015-2016
date posted: 02-04-2015
Happy Easter from Sterling, Please note; due to the bank holiday our offices will close at 5pm today and will re-open 8am Tuesday 7th April
date posted: 20-03-2015
The two extracts shown below, from the budget delivered on Wednesday 18th March, indicates that the government will issue consultations on both travel and subsistence and transparency in relation to employment intermediaries.
date posted: 22-01-2015
In response to a recent Channel 4's Dispatches programme that included a focus on Umbrella companies, we wanted to put your mind at rest regarding the way Sterling operates. The programme highlighted how some Umbrella companies are not acting compliantly. We do not support the way in which they operate. Sterling fully supports HMRC's efforts to expose these uncompliant companies.
date posted: 14-01-2015
You may remember reading in our December Newsletter that our new online expenses procedure was on its way. Well, we are very excited to be able to inform you that it is now live and ready to use!
date posted: 19-12-2014
2014 has been a busy year for Sterling. We have had some challenges such as the False Self-Employment legislation back in April, but the strength of our company has seen us rise to these challenges and keep offering you a service we can be proud of.
date posted: 04-12-2014
Yesterday the chancellor delivered his last Autumn statement before next years General Election. There were some positive announcements made that will benefit the majority of the population such as the new Stamp Duty rates, the increase in tax free personal allowance to £10,600 from April 2015 and the increase in the higher rate threshold from £41,865 to £42,385.
date posted: 25-09-2014
Is it really September already, where did most of 2014 go? They do say time flies when you're having fun.. or working hard! We have certainly been doing plenty of the latter here at Sterling.
date posted: 01-09-2014
An opportunity has arisen to join Centre Park Resources Limited, part of the Sterling Group, which is one of the longest established contractor organisations in the UK. Our commitment to customer service and support for our employees and sub-contractors means that the number of contractors working through the Sterling Group is growing daily with the majority of our employees and sub-contractors joining us based on recommendations from other contractors.
date posted: 07-08-2014
Sterling, of Warrington, is among the winners in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2014. The Gold Medal (6 consecutive Golds) award has been received in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
date posted: 31-07-2014
Last month you may remember we mentioned that we were working towards some more exciting news. Well we have been successful, and you can read about it below.
date posted: 04-07-2014
date posted: 01-07-2014
It's hard to believe we are already half way through 2014, it seems like only yesterday we were publishing the first newsletter of the year. This shows what a busy year it has been so far!
date posted: 29-05-2014
2014 so far has been an eventful and challenging year for Sterling and the contracting industry as a whole. Last month we mentioned how April had seen Sterling reach its fifteenth year of trading, and how this demonstrated the strength of the company and high levels of service. Further to this, we can now proudly say that we have obtained Professional Passport Accreditation.
date posted: 30-04-2014
As you can imagine April has been very challenging time for Sterling due to the recent legislation changes regarding false self-employment. We are proud to say we have risen to this challenge which is testament to the compliant service we have offered and can confidently state that we continue to offer.
date posted: 26-03-2014
It's an exciting time at Sterling as we approach 15 years of trading this April. We're proud that providing the highest levels of service and compliance has led us to become established as one of the UK's leading contractor organisations.
date posted: 19-03-2014
You've taken the decision to go it alone and become a contractor so the thought of using an umbrella company might seem incompatible with your new career path. However, especially for those new to contracting, choosing the umbrella route offers some real benefits.
date posted: 17-03-2014
Becoming a contractor gives you greater financial freedom and this brings benefits but also potential pitfalls. Here's some tips to help you keep on top of your finances.
date posted: 06-03-2014
If you're new to the world of contracting or still considering whether it's the right career move, here are some of the benefits of being a contractor:
date posted: 05-03-2014
Your CV is your foot in the door. Check out our advice to sharpen up your key selling tool and secure those contracts.
date posted: 25-02-2014
Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to all the contractors who completed our satisfaction survey. You can read more about our findings below but overall we received really positive feedback on our service, which was great to hear.
date posted: 28-01-2014
I hope you had a great Christmas and would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year. 2014 has started off on a positive note for Sterling, we have been ranked 201 in the Business Insiders Top 500 biggest and best performing companies in the North West.
date posted: 28-01-2014
Top tips for contractors Research shows that last Friday was the day people were most likely to break their New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve fallen victim to 'Fail Friday' and waved goodbye to your good intentions it’s not too late to get back on track. Why not try one of these ways to get your work life in order for a successful 2014:
date posted: 16-12-2013
Welcome to the December edition of the Sterling e-newsletter. 2013 has been a great year for Sterling as we've helped more contractors from an increasing range of sectors. We were delighted to benamed in the North West Top 200 Companies and members of the team even completed a half-marathon!
date posted: 19-11-2013
Latest Sterling News
date posted: 11-10-2013
date posted: 17-09-2013
date posted: 09-09-2013
Well done to the Sterling half marathon runners, you can still donate:
date posted: 23-08-2013
They have entered a team to run a half marathon on 8th September 2013in aid of Christies & Cancer Research
date posted: 19-08-2013
Pension Update
date posted: 12-08-2013
date posted: 12-08-2013
date posted: 16-07-2013
date posted: 16-07-2013
Sterling have been placed 137th in the North West Top 200 Companies 2013
date posted: 30-04-2013
date posted: 25-04-2013
date posted: 22-04-2013
date posted: 19-04-2013
date posted: 18-04-2013
date posted: 10-04-2013
date posted: 03-04-2013
date posted: 25-03-2013
date posted: 22-03-2013
date posted: 18-03-2013
date posted: 08-03-2013
date posted: 02-11-2012
The introduction of the Pensions reform 2012 has created an obligation for employers to auto enrol employees into a pension scheme. The conditions of this vary according to the size of the company and the status of the individual.
date posted: 09-10-2012
You may have already noticed that Sterling have undergone a complete rebrand. The intentions of the rebrand were to reiterate the level of quality associated with the service Sterling provides both to recruitment agencies and contractors.
date posted: 09-10-2012
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